Education for Santal children in India

Fr. Michael Raja Pandian, a Claretian Father, served St. Patrick's, Strathaven for a month in the summer of 1999. He spoke of his experience of missionary life among the Santal people of India.
The Santals, a tribal people, suffer deprivation both economically and socially and so are denied the opportunity of schooling for their children.

Following a visit to Father Michael in India in the year 2000, one of St. Patrick’s parishioners shared her experience of living for a short time among the Santal people. She was moved by their plight and touched by their generosity of spirit to share so readily what little they had.

Following agreement between the Claretian Fathers in India and a group from St. Patrick’s, the project was set up in 2001 to enable parishioners and anyone who would be interested to take part in assisting with the education of Santal children. This is an opportunity to share our resources with children eager to learn, if given the chance.

What is the Marsal Project?

Marsal means "light". It is an educational programme set up by the Claretian Fathers for the education of poor and tribal children in India. The project asks that you sponsor children’s education by committing £10 per month paid by Standing Order.

How will the money be spent?
Your £10 per month funds St. Claret’s Hostel which is attached to the school. There are 400 children in the hostel.

Will there be feedback?
There will be reports from India and Scotland about how the money has been used. Click on the Reports section above to see some of the reports about the project which we have received.

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